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because a gIRL can never have too many backups

Sure, this is just another Left Coast site where I can’t talk about most of the things I actually do without getting trashed and banned forever but, I need a FREE place to keep my Fans together so THIS IS THE PLACE for now fanboys. 

Latest from the Blog

In Like Flynt

In debt that is. I’ve never run such a big credit tab before. But it’s already snowed here. I’ve spent $1609 ahead on my credit card. My income is failing right when I need to get ready for snow and potential pandemic lockouts and nuclear war or whatever Ma Nature and the pooraticians send our […]

Ready Set GO

I’ve been prepping since 2017 – that’s five years – and for once I’m ready for Winter. Three years of prepping became an actual battle to survive economic warfare, starvation and winter cold in 2020. Warfare is exactly what the democRat COVID lockouts were, and economic warfare is just as deadly as bullets. Couple that […]

The Joy of Snow

Sure it’s pretty. And deadly, like me. It’s snowing in Nevada right now. I was screaming for money for winter supplies a few weeks ago and some fans thought I was nuts. I’ve lived in the high desert for 5 yeas now and I know what to expect from experience. A 60-day Fall growing season […]

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